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Holinger Engineering has been designing and manufacturing high precision components for motor racing for decades. Specialising in transmissions, we manufacture a range of gearboxes and associated products, from stand-alone bespoke designs right through to gear sets for existing production cars. Transaxles are configured with input at one end and output at the sides, typically found in mid or rear-engine applications. Holinger's Racing transmissions have been constantly proven at the highest levels of motorsport right down through to club level. Our current range can be adapted to almost any application, from the race track to the rally stage, so please read on to find out more. Holinger Engineering has been at the forefront of the motor racing industry for decades. We produce World-Class Transmissions and Components for extreme racing conditions in a huge range of categories. Sequential shift dog-change transaxle designed for use in transverse engine,two-wheel race cars. Features. Primarily intended to be installed in conventional front-wheel-drive cars, but also applicable for transversely mounted mid-engined cars, such as the Toyota MR2, Lotus Elise, KTM X-Bow or Ariel Atom.

Porsche 997 GT3 CUP conversion system. Porsche 997 GT3 CUP conversion. More Info. It can be easily accessed and adjusted whilst the Transaxle is installed in the car. The internal lubrication system consists of a paper element filter, an oil pump with provision for an external cooler, a spray bar to feed cooled oil directly onto the gears including the CW&P, throughshaft lubrication to all needle roller bearings and oil feed. Holinger now has a range of Pneumatic components that can be bolted directly onto our transmissions. Featuring integral valves, these solutions minimise pressure losses resulting in fast consistent shifting. 03/02/36 · Leigh Nash of Holinger Engineering and Troy Burnside from Motul talk us through Holinger's new SG 6-speed sequential gearbox kit for the very popular Toyota 86 /. Holinger Engineering, Kilsyth, VIC. 16,187 likes · 146 talking about this · 133 were here. Race Car Gearbox Manufacturer.

Transmissions and Components for extreme racing conditions in a huge range of categories. Holinger now has a range of Pneumatic components that can be bolted directly onto our transmissions. Featuring integral valves, these solutions minimise pressure losses resulting in fast consistent shifting. Contact us directly about a bespoke solution for your gearbox. 22/01/34 · Everything from Rally car to Supercars, Holinger Engineering brings a competitive gearbox for just about anything. Their quality shows and they last and hold up to a full race season. We review. Recently we reached the day that marked the 10 year anniversary of Peter Holinger’s passing, so in reflecting on the last 10 years, whilst we’ve had some downs, there have been plenty of ups and we hope he’d be proud of what we’ve achieved in the last decade, continuing on the way he would want.

13/04/40 · This car was built by Finnish Rally guru Kari Mäkelä at Mäkelä Auto-Tuning. It uses an adapted version of the GT3 Transaxle we made for the DB9 many years ago. Turn it up and enjoy! holinger G6S transaxle astonmartin. Whilst making the special MFT Transaxles for the new S5000 class has been a huge undertaking, we've also been tasked with manufacturing many of the cars other components as previously mentioned. Here. In this episode of S5000 tech we talk about the Australian-made Holinger Engineering Transaxle. Holinger Engineering shared a post. September 7 · 3,818 Views. S5000. September 6 · In Episode 5 of the Garry Rogers Motorsport S5000 technical overview, let's talk suspension. Holinger Engineering shared a video. September 5 ·. 26/05/36 · Leigh Nash of Holinger Engineering provides a rare insight in the manufacturing facilities in Melbourne, Australia along with a brief history of Holinger. Find out about the newly formed technical.

RBT Transmissions is the exclusive world-wide representative of ZF for the 5DS-25 Dash-0-1-2-M1 transaxles. They have also developed the proprietary six-speed RBT-6 transaxle. Rev: B Date: 02/12 Holinger Engineering Gearbox Manual Page 2 FOREWORD The Holinger MF-E9 is a sequential-shift transaxle designed for use in Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions 4-9. It is a complete gearbox, replacing the original Mitsubishi unit between the engine and the transfer case. Motorsport gearboxes for circuit racing, drag racing, Time Attack, Fast Road and Drag use. Heavy duty, close ratio, sequential, dog, synchromesh, engagement. Rocket and Type 9 transmissions form the core of the range, ideal for Mk1/ Mk2 Ford Escort, Caterham etc.

19/01/33 · Hi Ash, timing is everything, you might pick one up now but it will be at a premium. However at the end of next year, with V8StupidCars going to a transaxle, there will be over a hundred of their current gearboxes made redundant. Cheers Gary.

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